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Charlie Cunningham - Bite

I'm so excited to share my latest music video "Bite" for Charlie Cunningham.

Charlie's music is a steady source of inspiration of mine, both professionally, as well as personally. So to be granted the opportunity to visualize one of his songs was indeed a dream come true.

I'm privileged to be surrounded by such an amazing crew and actors. Especially my friend and director of photography @davidnstiles, the talent and passion you bring to a project is something every aspiring filmmaker should strive to replicate. And to my producer and wife, Josefine, thanks for your love and support and for always believing in me.

Artist: Charlie Cunningham

Song: Bite

Album: Permanent Way

Director: Tobias Ohlsson | |

Producer: Josefine Bäckström

Talent: Mårten Hedener, Gustaf Bäckström, Linda Bäckström

Director of Photography: David N Stiles |

AC: Elias Nilsson

A special thanks to Linus Olsson at Ventrafiken, Ingemar Andersson, Emely Ohlsson, Thomas Ohlsson & Max Folkeson

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