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Spindrift of colors: two cities – one message

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

As I stood on the sidewalk, watching the never-ending stream of people as they moved through the city, I couldn’t help but imagine what the Pride parade would look like from a bird’s perspective, looking straight down from the sky. Probably like a rainbow-colored snake curling its way around the street corners; a leviathan of love, the destroyer of hate.

I must admit, I felt terribly overwhelmed – how on earth am I going to be able to make a video that lives up to all of this? That’s when I realized; I couldn’t. All I could do was surrender, and let myself be swept away by the crowd. So I flicked my camera on, removed the lens cap, took a deep breath, then I plunged headfirst into the parade.

For the next 2 hours, I was merely a voyager pointing my camera in whichever direction was dictated by the crowd.

As the parade came to an end, I found myself back on the sidewalk, physically exhausted but spiritually re-energized. I couldn’t wait to get down behind my computer and splice this puppy together.

My goal was to create a polarising film that celebrates equality and the freedom to love whomever we choose. I want the viewer to experience the parade first hand - the way I did - accompanied by the universal language of music.

I hope this video finds you well.

Love is all.

Music: Yanivi - Rock This Joint

Camera: Panasonic AU-EVA1

Lens: Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8

Post-process: V-Log LUT, Rocketstock Emulsion 35mm Fine Grain, Red Giant Denoiser III

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